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I have always loved my feet, which is probably one of the reasons I started investing so much time into their care. I began focusing on looking after them while I was working out, and it made a big difference in the way that my feet felt. Before I knew it, I was able to do just about any kind of physical activity without pain, and it was really interesting to see how big of a difference visiting with a podiatrist made. My doctor understood what challenges my feet were up against, and he worked hard to help me to resolve them. Check out this blog for more information.


Foot Hurts Tremendously? You Could Have A Fractured Heel

29 September 2017
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If you experience excruciating pain in your foot, you may think you have a sprained muscle. The pain in your foot may be due to a fractured heel bone. Heel fractures can be particularly painful or troublesome. Here are possible causes of your fractured heel and what you can do about them: How Did You Break Your Heel? Unlike your toes, ankles, and forefoot, your heels are made of one large bone. Read More …

Three Keys For Diabetic Foot Care

27 September 2017
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People living with diabetes need to be mindful of the way that they care for their feet. The reason for this is that there are numerous nerve, pain and other complications that can affect your feet when you are diabetic. Thankfully, you can put some diabetic foot care tips to use that will help you avoid these sorts of issues. If this is something that affects you, read on and take advantage of these diabetic foot care strategies: Read More …

Four Ways To Manage Ankle Pain Caused By Plantar Fasciitis

27 September 2017
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At the mention of plantar fasciitis, you may think of the excruciating heel pain that the condition is notorious for causing. However, cases of plantar fasciitis that are severe or left untreated can also cause pain in the ankles. The plantar fascia (the structural band of tissue that runs through the sole of the foot) plays a role in moving both the foot and the ankle; it helps absorb shock and support the body. Read More …