Three Keys For Diabetic Foot Care

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Three Keys For Diabetic Foot Care

27 September 2017
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People living with diabetes need to be mindful of the way that they care for their feet. The reason for this is that there are numerous nerve, pain and other complications that can affect your feet when you are diabetic. Thankfully, you can put some diabetic foot care tips to use that will help you avoid these sorts of issues. If this is something that affects you, read on and take advantage of these diabetic foot care strategies:

#1: Get used to regularly checking your feet

As a person living with diabetes, you'll need to be vigilantly aware of your foot health. This starts with being more diligent about foot hygiene than most people tend to worry about. Wash your feet in warm water and make sure that they are extra dry before putting on shoes and socks. You'll also need to examine your feet carefully, make sure that you're not dealing with any sort of cuts, discoloration or swelling issues. Invest in some high-quality lotion products so that you keep your feet moisturized and fresh, to avoid complications. You also owe it to yourself to get your toenails trimmed regularly, to avoid infections or other issues. 

#2: Buy footwear that serves you

When you need the best foot care, it's crucial that you buy shoes that are comfortable and durable. You'll need to buy shoes that are the perfect fit -- particularly if they are shoes you're going to be doing work or other strenuous activity in. In addition to buying quality shoes, take the time to purchase socks that are thick, breathable and made with 100% cotton. Keep your socks and shoes as clean as possible, so that your feet are always protected. Any shoes that you purchase should also have plenty of padding so that your feet don't swell or endure injury. 

#3: Find a podiatrist that you can visit regularly

Finally, take the time to contact a foot doctor that can fit you in on a regular basis. Look into their certifications and make sure that they specialize in helping patients with diabetes. This will allow you to get specialized foot care that caters to your condition and your needs. Get your medical insurance up to par so that you're able to pay for podiatrist visits using your plan. Otherwise, you can expect to pay between $400 and $600 for a podiatrist appointment. 

Consider these tips to get your foot health under control as you live with diabetes.